Unbelievably, a glorious scent of wildflowers and dewdrops wafted over Radiun Atlas as he blinked several times, staring down at the tiny black bundle safely tucked against his massive chest.

Sure glorious peace swarmed over him.

Ultimate. Peace.

Now, Rad had one mission in this world – keep her safe. More
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October 17, 2019
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About Nini Church

Writer of paranormal romance and romance suspense.

The Jinn Cycle series:
JERICHO, RENO, CCX, are available for your reading pleasure.
It's all about love and a supernatural Jinn brotherhood.
Any of these books in the series can be read as a stand-alone novel.

RAD, Book 4 in The Jinn Cycle series is my most damaged Jinn warrior. He battles his
way back to the life he used to live. It's an uphill climb of tremendous proportions where
Rad keeps sliding back into the hellhole of torture he endured.

ROMAN is Ruler of the Vamps, an alpha male who falls for Vivian Monaco. And, she learns
fast that this sexy vamp loves hard, fast and forever.

STRABO is romance suspense. As the unofficial Detective of Bellsville, Strabo has to solve
a dual investigation to stop the crime wave as he struggles to gain the attention of his dream

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About the Series: The Jinn Cycle
The Jinn Cycle Series:

Paranormal Romance, Fantasy Romance, 18+ with mature language and content.

Jericho Sullivan, King of the Jinn, leads a team of elite Jinn warriors.

Each book in the series features a member of Jericho's Jinn team.

Jericho, Book 1, Reno, Book 2 and CCX, Book 3 are published!

These novels are all about a sexy supernatural brotherhood of powerful Jinn warriors who come face-to-face with the females of their dreams.

Will they conquer their egos? Will they love as hard as they fight?

Also in Series: The Jinn Cycle

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