The Gardener's Errand!

Adversity and survival in a hyper environment that sees Glynn thrust into a profoundly epic journey. Operating at the smallest of physical limits - his advanced antagonists have a key task for him to do? This uniquely darkish story interprets many contemporary theories and informatively incorporates many real-world natural phenomena. A fictional story and learning experience - in one great novel. More

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About Michael Butler

My professional life (electronic engineering), started at a ripe old age of 15 with an apprenticeship at Muirheads Ltd, Beckenham Kent. Following on; I continued in technological areas such as medical, civil aviation, industrial, security and consumer. Engineering, the design of new products and innovative ideas, carries with it a considerable amount of writing; from concept through to product promotion. I am an industrially published author and in my spare time; I've always enjoyed imagination, a love of physics and the natural world. I only truly believe in that which can be scientifically proven - in engineering one can't afford to stray too far from that notion. However it seems to me (as remarkable as we undoubtedly are), we still know so little about life. Retiring has now given me sufficient time (actually I find myself busier than ever), to extract some of the stories I've squirrelled away. In the last 15 years, I've also had a developing interest (or should I say concern), environmentally: In 2008 I was awarded a Silver Green Apple Award, for best environmental practice. The tales I put to electronic paper I hope you will enjoy and thank you for reading them.

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