An Unnamed Life Lost

As I was deciding what would make up my day today I felt a piece I had written, “An Unnamed Life Lost” call out to me; so I read it again and then I began to write. I put together what came of my efforts today into a short story told through prose poems. More
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About Luis Angel Greer

In July of 2016 I died. It is a death that has happened countless times across an infinite number of timelines. I don’t know what happened to the person who I once was, but after spending a week’s worth of time relative to this world fighting against the darkness I have come to know all to well I awoke in this world.

I woke to a world that is very similar to the world I left, but also can never be the world I once called home. I now live each day, the echoes of days that I have known before, looking for a way to ensure that the next time I die I am able to prevent myself from reviving in this prison that I have come to call reality.

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