How to deal with a difficult person

Are you experiencing difficulty in dealing with your clients, staff and stakeholders in your company? Worry no more because the ultimate guides with all of the effective strategies in dealing with difficult people are now collated in a single compelling book for you. Entitled as "How to Deal with a Difficult Person". More

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About Alyssa Marie Versoza

Hi! Welcome to My Ebook Store! Being one of the aspiring entrepreneurs and writers in the current day, I am Alyssa Marie B. Versoza. Like some people, I am also currently experiencing a Quarter-life Crisis within my line of work. As I am trying to escape from this crisis, I diverge into writing e-books that would both greatly help and inspire frequent readers in regards with their daily problems. With my experience of being an officer and assistant in Human Resources, I can very much help you in understanding the positive and negative sides of the corporate world.

As one of my advocacies in life, I would like to share my experiences and knowledge through my own process of self-discovery. With self-discovery, I would be able to find my purpose in life through the process of digging deep into the memories of my childhood and determining experiences that shaped me to who I am now, both good and bad. It would help me unlock myself to my full potential in figuring out the best my capacities.

Another advocacy of mine is about regaining one's self confidence in all situations. Humans, as we are, we have a lot of insecurities questioning about our capabilities in life. Self-confidence is extremely important in life yet so many people struggle to find it. According from Maxwell Maltz, "Having a low confidence is like driving through life with your hand-break on." I want to help a lot of low self-esteem individuals, like me in the past, to stop holding upon the hand-break of their lives and start churning on that gas pedal taking them further towards all-out improvement.
Being an ultimate explorer, I like to research and read articles in regards with self-development and self-discovery. Because both of those fields don't happen in a single blink of an eye, we need to undergo a lot of challenges and experiences to truly find the real purpose of our existence.

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