Letters to Jamison Over the Horizon

The second titillating volume in the self-help guide Letters to Jamison. There is so much more to discuss. We foray into foreplay, anal that does not cause hemorrhoids or food sex, what benefits may be enjoyed when two people stay friends after a relationship ends and nudge the boundary of BDSM. More
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July 4, 2019
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About Cole Change

Thank you for joining me on the great gigglefest to mind-blowing orgasms.
There were so many wonderful and some not so wonderful anecdotal stories that got me to this point.
I figure everyone makes mistakes but you should not have to make all the ones that I did on your journey to the ultimate orgasm you can have.
Did you know there are actually exercises to train your sex muscles to have mind-blowing orgasms?
These same exercises can help reduce or eliminate prolapse.
Did you know a finger can touch an ovary?
Did you ever wonder why the experts cannot agree on a g-spot or s-spot or m-spot or even how to make one?
The canned answer is not all women have a g-spot. RUBBISH!!!!
A g-spot is NOT like an eyeball - its more like a set of 6-pack abs hiding under a beer belly.
I bet those same people who think a vibrator is going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread instead of the thing that actually keeps you from having your best O have a vested interest in keeping you from waving the oh my I had no idea it could be THIS good flag.
Did you know there is a way to tell if that person piquing your interest is going to be a great lay or something you wish you could have passed over for a better option instead?
The age appropriate division books are the best parts of the selections from roughly 400 Letters I wrote my own niece. Separate thoughts appear at Patreon.com/colechange and the blogs at Letters2Jamison.com

That is it for the short and sweet. Read some Letters to enjoy the lasting and memorable.

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