Dream Eater

To secure his granddaughter’s future, he must return and face the nightmare of his past.

Dezmond Daamon never wanted to return to Daamon Manor – where a creature of fear and anguish devoured his wife and brother – but now duty demands it of him. It’s the only place he knows to keep his granddaughter safe from the demons that now plague the earth – and the only place he can prepare her to fight. More
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About A. V. Dalcourt

Amber V. Dalcourt is an author of non-romantic dark fantasy with Lovecraftian undertones. She is the author of the AWAKENING FRACTURED MEMORIES SERIES and is currently working on AWAKENING: PRODIGY. She has recently released AWAKENING FRACTURED MEMORIES VOLUME 1.

Amber was convinced that her childhood home was haunted. Distorted visages made their presence known to those who dared stare into the hallway. In the basement, the voice of an elderly man sowed confusion and discord. These experiences and more left a lasting impression and affected how she crafts the unsettling elements of her stories.

Drawing on her occult heritage to combat her fears, it was only natural that she'd fall in love with fantasy stories that focused on magic and all-powerful beings to thwart the darkest of evils. But magic solutions don't solve worldly problems…

Using the subtleties of human behavior to craft her demons, rituals, and magic systems, Amber is a lover of modern sorcery, psychological character portrayals, epic battles between good and evil and the huge grey area that separates them.

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Her website: www.awakeninganthology.com/
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About the Series: Awakening: Fractured Memories
Nobody can forget The Awakening, but everybody remembers it differently.

The Awakening changed the face of reality itself - a cataclysm of dimensional proportions, unleashing all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man. Now, only fractured remnants of humanity survive; locked in an endless battle against the forces of darkness.

In Awakening Fractured Memories, you’ll delve into the recollections of pivotal characters in the realm of The Awakening – each reliving a foundational event that set them on the course toward turning back the tide of evil.

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