He Said Ugga She Said Grrr: Prehistoric Teenage Romance Was Brutal

Young love is brutal. School sucks. So why did my best friend, Ugga, choose to invent both of them? Did I avoid the trap of falling into a prehistoric romance? Did my best friend return from his tormentor and first love intact? Is it less painful to lose a limb to a saber cat or attend the first day of the first school EVER? More

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About Monte "The Caveman" Turner

Monte “Caveman” Turner is a rather large old Texas Aggie dad with five kiddos and an uber tolerant keeper wife. A bit of a hobo, career wise, he prefers Renaissance Man. He got a Construction Science degree from the best place on earth, switched over to get a Masters of Arts in History and ended up working on his PhD (ABD = All but Dissertation) in History at the Univsersity of Kansas under the tutelageof Dr. James Brundage, one of the smartest people he ever knew. His time and efforts at KU were hijacked by Dr. Lynn Nelson, a history prof with a techie nature. Monte ended up doing Beta work with first Web Browser, a pre-mosaic, pre-graphics browser called Lynx - yes, he is that old. He became addicted to the medium. Jump
ahead about 25 years and he is still doing work in the tech industry, usually as a project manager.

Did I mention he writes?

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