Svetska trgovinska organizacija - Životna sredina i sistem zdravstvene zaštite/ World trade organization - Environment protection and healthcare system

Naučna monografija Svetska trgovinska organizacija - Životna sredina i sistem zdravstvene zaštite je objavljena za čitanje i preuzimanje na sledećem linku. Knjiga je izdata za 70 godina postojanja Instituta za medjunarodnu politiku i privredu. Autori su : dr Sanja Jelisavac Trošić, Prof. dr Dragoljub Todić i dr Milorad Stamenović
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About Milorad Stamenovic

Born March 27 1985 in Belgrade where he lives and works. The father of two children, Clare and Stefan. Country military service completed.
He graduated from the Faculty of International Economics, then Master Academic Studies
completed at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade and Middlesex University from London in the field of International Business and
management. The topic of doctoral dissertation is related to strategic management in
field of research and development at the Faculty of International Economics. Except
economic, Milorad also has medical education and graduated from Medical School in Belgrade in and also completed the medical specialization of health engineering. Postgraduate Public Health Program at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade started.

By dual education, both economics and medical from graduate to postgraduate and PhD level, he is highly qualified for different interdisciplinary activities, including both economics and health sciences, and also health economic and finance management.

For many years, he has worked on more than 40 global clinical studies (academic and commercial) in the framework of the phase development of new drugs and medical devices for different therapeutic indications (cardiology, oncology, pulmonology, hematology, endocrinology etc.) and also different Phases of research including Phase 1-4 clinical trials and post marketing and bioequivalence trials.

Milorad Stamenovic was lecturer at Academy for Clinical research and the author of scientific papers in the field of economics, health sciences, management in economics and health, finance, and others. Milorad is member of review Board of scientific journal Materia Socio Medica and international scientific conference EUROBRAND. He co-authored the book “Promises and Expectations and Trading in the International Foreign Exchange Market” (co-author: Branislav Gulan, reviewers Prof. Dr. Oskar Kovac, Prof. Dr. Sreten Ćuzović).

Also, he us the author of a scientific monograph book “Serbia today – Modern aspects of neoliberalism, economics, demography, health, safety and Transition” (co-authored by Branislav Gulan -SASA village committee, Branko Dragas – economist and banker, reviewers: Prof. Gojko Rikalovic – President of the Association of Economists Belgrade, professor of Economics, University of Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Rajko Bukvic – Institute Jovan Cvijic SANU, associate professor at Nizni Novgorod University, Prof Dr Zoran Dragisic, professor at the Faculty of security, University of Belgrade, Prof Dr Mihajlo Jakovljevic – professor of Medicine Faculty of the University of Kragujevac, Washington University and Hosei Tokyo University).

Within his work experience as an economist, Milorad Stamenovic had the opportunity to trade a wide portfolio of currency pairs on the international foreign exchange market. He worked as a trader, then as a manager for education and marketing in the field of trading on the international foreign exchange market. He established several more interesting lectures / exchange courses on the International Foreign Exchange Market, which were presented at some of the leading economic institutions in Serbia (Economic University of Belgrade, Belgrade Stock Exchange, AIESEC organization, etc.).

Milorad has been working for many years in monitoring, operational management, quality management and training coordination of global projects in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked for some of the world’s largest companies in this field. He has a global experience in Asia (eg India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan), USA, EU region and APEC countries. The director and owner of the Inventis Consulting Agency. Also, Milorad is a member of the International Association – American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the American Association for Clinical Oncology, the Association of Professionals in clinical trials as well as national associations – the Society of Economists of Belgrade, IPMA / JUPMA, a proud member of the Serbian Literary Co-operative, KLINIS, Serbian Society of Therapists, the Association of Professional and Scientific Translators of Serbia and Association for Medical Law of Serbia. He is a correspondent of professional and commercial media in the Republic of Serbia.

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