The crew was knocked unconscious after being struck so hard. They awake to a mangled and disfigured ship that crashed landed at an unknown location. Though the crew do not know it yet, they have crash landed where their first mission begins. It’s just a matter of time before they find out what their mission really is. More
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April 4, 2020
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About Alexander Vasilis

Alexander Vasilis was born in Warwick, New York but didn’t stay long. His parents decided to head south to escape the cold New York winters. Unfortunately, they only made it to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Alexander spent his childhood there, learning to adjust to the climate while coming to realize the value in country living.

Once he graduated from high school Alexander went off to serve in the United States Army where he earned the Army achievement medal for outstanding service. The Army however, was not his only calling. Alexander went back to school to get a degree in science from McCann School of Business and Technology. He now works as a healthcare professional.

When he can find the time, Alexander collects a little bit of foreign currency, enjoys making his friends laugh, and is extremely passionate about the pc game, World of Warcraft. Don’t doubt him on this! He can often be found out in Mother Nature doing everything from camping to scuba diving. Being single with no children affords him the opportunity to explore the world.

His true passion is writing. Alexander is a new author with a flair for science fiction novels.

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