How I Moved to Thailand, Retired Early, Found Love, Built a Mansion, Live Like a King on a Pension - and How You Can Too!, 2nd Edition

You'll want to follow along as the author moves from an old age home in America to a vibrant, exciting life in Thailand. He finds love (he's been married 15 years), has loads of fun, and truly does live like a King on a pension. Along the way he teaches you just how to do what he did. A bestseller in its first edition on Amazon, this updated second edition will bring you knowledge, and delight! More
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June 28, 2019
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About Scott Curtis

Scott Curtis is the pen name of a popular American author whose books have sold millions of copies. He is a graduate of UCLA and was a teacher for many years. He is happily living in Thailand and Florida with his wife of 15 years, a lazy dog, parents (hers) nearby, lots of friends, a big garden, a second-hand bicycle he rides around a nearby lake, and a 5 year old niece who comes by every day to play with him.

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