Joanna Wilder risks everything to protect her sister from the wrath of mysterious overlords in this paranormal dystopian fantasy novel set in London. This is the first book in The Londo Chronicles series. More
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January 4, 2020
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About Patricia Simpson

Storyteller, ghosthunter, dogwalker. Fueled by coffee.

Patricia Simpson is described by reviewers as “a premier writer of supernatural romance.” Author of numerous paranormal novels, she is inspired by science, paranormal phenomena, and archeological discoveries, and consistently garners superior ratings and awards for unusual heroes and unpredictable plots. Simpson has been called “a master at keeping suspense going on a multitude of levels,” and a “masterful storyteller.”

From Egyptian lords that shape-shift into black panthers to Scottish time-travelers who step out of computers, Simpson entertains readers while pushing the envelope in paranormal suspense. Her new trilogy, THE FORBIDDEN TAROT, goes further than anything she’s written before. This series explores a new world history and impending planetary disaster. Already some reviewers have called the first book in this series, THE DARK LORD, a “true gift to her readers,” and a “lulu of a story.”

Patricia’s favorite writing arenas are the Pacific Coast, the deep South, 18th century in America and Great Britain, ancient Egypt, Pacific Northwest Native Americans, and anything that goes bump in the night.

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About the Series: The Londo Chronicles
A paranormal dystopian series by award-winning author Patricia Simpson. Venture into Londo City, where all is not what it seems...and darkness reigns.

The world has been devastated by a planetary disaster, and only a handful of humans survive. They hunker down in Londo City where they struggle to eke out an existence in the ever-present mist. They are ruled by a mysterious plutocracy that no one ever sees and are subjected to strict moral codes, curfews and rationing. Only the best and brightest are selected for government-arranged weddings and sent to the marriage machine to undergo fertility processing. Out of this dark, dystopian world rises a handful of humans who risk everything to forge new meanings for race, gender, family and love. These are their stories…

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