Kids’ Books about Dogs. Jenny and Katya. How to Take Care of a Puppy?

I first wrote a book for children with tips, perhaps it will help to understand the responsibility for a small and defenseless creature. I advise everyone to start with a pet, no matter what kind. For a child, and indeed for a person, it is very important. All-consuming love from a little creature can give so much compared to us humans! More

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About Carri Jane

My name is Roxana. I live in a close-knit family with my husband Alex, daughter Katya and dog Jeni. For a very long time I built a career and tried to find my destination in this world. But with the advent of a child and a happy family, I realized that this is not the main thing. My priorities have changed dramatically, and I wanted to get more from life: emotions, peace, happiness. I decided to write about the good emotions of happiness that exist in relationships in the family, with children and pets. The fact that unravel the happiness that we have been looking for all of our lives is possible. The fact is that the house and the hearth should be for every person. Family values will always be the most important in life, and I am happy to share this with you!

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