The Inventor's Curse

In the sequel to the Inventor's Gift, Selina Roberts and her friends face daunting challenges as the secrets of Ozark's Science Institute and its foundation have begun to unravel. But the secrets they hide from each other will play the biggest roles for Ozark's future.
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August 9, 2020
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About Ashley J. Bailey

Ashley J. Bailey specializes in fantasy and science fiction for young adults. A life composed of daydreaming and wonder seeking, adventure was always in their heart. It came natural, being born in the Big Apple after all. However, since they’re too much of a homebody to travel beyond their doorstep, Ashley found fulfillment in books. Their rapacious hunger for words began at the ripe age of eight after reading S. E. Hinton’s ‘Outsiders’; a huge favorite of Ashley’s.

Never has Ashley thought they could live the life of a street thug boy from Tulsa with fist flying, family drama and growing pains unlike any other. It was exciting, scary, and heartbreaking. When it was over, they had lived another life so different from their own. That’s what Ashley wishes to do with their own books. That feeling when you get to walk beside another character in another life, maybe even be that character, if only for a moment.

The Inventor’s Gift is their first Young Adult novel and is only the beginning of a promising writing adventure.

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About the Series: The Inventor's
The Inventor's ​series is a young girl's quest to find acceptance for herself and her talents while balancing her maturing relationships and facing the dangerous challenges that comes from the technological advances of her city and the world beyond...

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