The Struggle Within: The Wind's Divine Melody (Vol. 1) (Condensed Version)

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Jacob could never have made the transition from an anxious, abused teen to a young adult who was blooming out of his shell without the grace and guidance of his spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy. But then everything changed. And now it seemed that the idea of an intervention from his family was impossible. More
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October 1, 2019
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About Arjuna D. Ghose

I developed a passion for writing when I was seven years old. However, I had forgotten that aspiration as my parents helped me to get involved in other interests. At seventeen, I wanted to be a great musical artist. At eighteen, I became Sri Chinmoy’s ardent disciple as part of my journey to find peace and true happiness through self-improvement and meditation. I developed a strong interest to become an actor. Then pursued a career in graphic design. Then web development and computer programming. Finally, I renewed my interest in writing, and I have been working on my multi-volume memoir, The Struggle Within, for the past nine years.

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