Liquid Death

Kandi, a girl of 19 who can't bear the presence of people, must unite with Juan, a boy of 18 with many secrets, secrets not even he knows. A dark organization founded by Kandi's father is about to wipe out the world's population, and Kandi, the unwilling catalyst, could be the only cure. Could Juan rescue her from her self-constructed prison? With him, maybe anything is possible... More
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About Mitzi C

Mitzi C (or MRC) was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and raised mostly in southeastern Idaho as a middle child of five. Her greatest aspiration in life is to become a wife and mother, but she also loves inhabiting fictional worlds. Her favorite genres are science-fiction, fantasy, and romance, and she prefers combining all three in her own books.

Aside from writing, Mitzi enjoys practically nothing else, particularly not the company of people. She is sensitive to light and touch, and must be watered regularly. She has yet to experience many "firsts" in her life, such as taking a vacation or visiting a beach, and is therefore lawfully an infant. Please handle with care.

Also, consider visiting her blog for insights into her writing process and tips for writers. You may also subscribe to her weekly newsletter for future goodies, as she is currently writing another scifi/fantasy trilogy that will change the way you think of dinosaurs forever:

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