Taking Action for a Better Tomorrow

Today there are monumental and exponential changes occurring. Changes happing not just in local, international, or global arenas, but even within ourselves. We must look beyond the reasons of isolationism or globalization for these changes. We must look beyond the political, government we keep, and look at the entire world around us in general, including the sociology of society, and humanity. More

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About Jeremy Boggess

Ever since I was a small child, I have felt that during my lifetime there would be a chain of events set in motion and my task would be to help us all survive through these changes. Unfortunately, to accomplish this task, I felt I had to leave my home. This is why I am currently in Europe.
I was born and raised in the United States of America and saw my original choice of accomplishing my task there. Regrettably, events have made me realize that some of my observations and work, no matter how I express them, may be ignored rather than listened to, or misused or misconstrued beyond the point of no return. In the pursuit of my service, I found that there were some deterrents that required going around rather than through. I had to make the difficult decision to take a different route and left my home. But, my basic motivation has always been and still remains the survival and advancement of the species.

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