Alibi Jones and the Star Seeds of Earth

Somewhere on Earth lies a priceless treasure – the original Star Seed that altered life on the planet. ALIBI JONES is on the hunt for that Star Seed! Moral dilemmas, Religious Conflicts, Merciless Aliens, and Mercenary Humans - Alibi Jones must face them all, and face up to the responsibilities and authority that comes with running The Hornet's Nest – in ALIBI JONES AND THE STAR SEEDS OF EARTH! More
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May 22, 2020
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About Mike Luoma

Mike Luoma writes and publishes science fiction and comic books, produces the weekly "Glow-in-the-Dark Radio" podcast, and is now building the future helping to lead - "Burlington's Kinda Music". His science fiction novel Vatican Assassin introduced "BC", a killer for the New catholic Church. BC's story further unfolds in Vatican Ambassador and Vatican Abdicator. Mike now writes the adventures of Alibi Jones, BC's son: Alibi Jones, Alibi Jones and The Sunrise of Hur, Alibi Jones and the Time War of The Devrizium, the comic book The Adventures of Alibi Jones, and his latest novel, Alibi Jones and The Hornet's Nest. Alibi Jones and the Star Seeds of Earth is in the works. More at /

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About the Series: The Adventures of Alibi Jones
As humankind expands out into the stars and encounters already well-established alien races and cultures, Alibi Jones gets into and out of trouble as a Mediator for the Solar Alliance in the 2130's in this ongoing science fiction adventure series.

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