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You know, it's hard to think these days, when everything is handed to us via TV and the Internet. Everything tells us how to think, and does so in the blink of an eye. We don't have to wait for the President's state of the union speech, or the preacher's rant on a given Sunday. We Google! More
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Foreword to Sha’Ra On books

When Sha’Ra On asked me to write a foreword for his new books I accepted readily, thinking it would be a relatively simple task. It isn’t.

Yes, one could say that the material deals with nature, and man’s approach to his Earth and her resources. Well-worn issues now indeed. But the material in these books gives this subject a whole new look. I daresay that here we find a “higher” vantage point from which to look at ourselves.

And what a small price to pay for such impacting wisdom! Such a deceptively easy read!

At first glance, most of the poetry seems almost simplistic, and the imagery just pleasant to the inner eye. But gradually the complex nature of the questions raised; the visions described; the landscapes depicted; the message received and the answers offered pose quite a challenge to anyone.

To those who feel secure in their ways, unaware of the pitfalls of “progress” or reliance in old ways, many of these poems will have a jarring effect. To those who think that “the system of things” deserves our full and trusting support, many poems will introduce doubt. To those who believe in their “God” or “gods” but have never truly sat down to define for themselves what they mean by that, this poetry presents quite a challenge.

Sha’Ra On Windwalker is an observer of the obvious, that “in your face” kind of truth that, like the earth and the sky, is always there, taken for granted, seldom really noticed until something goes wrong. But when things do go wrong, and who is not familiar with the Murphy’s Law maxim that states: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong,” it’s too late to notice the signs which our environment constantly posts to warn us of possible disaster. The price must then be paid for carelessness, slothfulness, ignorance, or blind trust in those whose success depends on pulling the wool over the majority’s collective eye!

I took the liberty of looking over some comments gleaned over the internet from the posting of some of the poetry contained herein.

Regarding “My Invisible Path” – “Windwalker, there are no words to describe the connection I felt with your poem. I feel that I am at a crossroads in my life right now, wondering which path I should travel. Your words can only begin to describe my confusion. Thank you.”

Regarding “The Dream of Earth” – “I can see every single line in this poem, I can feel every line in my soul… I can’t convey how much I love this poem… It is so moving, so vivid… I can taste the air beneath the trees, I can walk on the clouds. I won’t even try to compliment this one.”

On “A New Earth” – “Wow, wow, WOW… what a wonderful piece… a Utopia I hope we as a people can reach sometimes through the curtain of darkness. I sneak a peek of hope, in the meantime it is poems like yours that inspire and keep me on track… more…more.”

And from “The Forgotten Ones” – Countless popes, clerics and holy men have “blessed” many an army all perceived to be acting in God’s name and often, though they desire to call it a sacred cause or even a holy war… the find defeat and suffering. Your poetry makes one think how unnecessary it all is. I applaud your ability to write and express such a serious issue, a human issue. Thanks.”

Yes, if there is one thing that can be said about the Windwalker poetry, it is that it makes one think. And that’s not wrong. After all, aren’t we paying a hefty price for all that public “education” being crammed down our throats? Shouldn’t it begin to pay dividends in other than the fields of professional sports, computer programming, military conformity, stock-market legerdemain, law-making and elected officialdom? Shouldn’t we be using our knowledge in a much broader way? Shouldn’t we be comparing the reality of “what is” with what our hodgepodge of mostly morally bankrupt leadership tells us “is”?

If questioning life is challenging to you, these books of deeper thoughts expressed so simply and succinctly may be very valuable. Will it be one dinner at your favourite restaurant… or a book of wisdom that can literally change the way you see your world? It’s just a question.

Sha’Tara EarthStar

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