Spider's Ring

Book 2 in the Detective Trann series.

Detective Sean Trann hates trials. But he’s looking forward to the trial of the serial killer they’d named “Spider.”

However, once the testimonies begin, the witnesses’ cryptic words start to wreak havoc in Sean’s life. Without knowing who to trust, how can he keep himself,and those he cares about, from Spider’s extensive influence? More
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August 1, 2020
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About Christa Yelich-Koth

Christa Yelich-Koth is a bestselling author of ILLUSION (winner of the 2016 Novel of Excellence Award in Science Fiction from Author Circle Awards) and IDENTITY. She also leads writing workshops in Oregon and California, is a professional editor for multiple award-winning and (inter)national bestsellers, and has shared her writing and editing expertise on multiple panels.

Current works include Illusion, Identity, Coiled Vengeance, Spider's Truth, Hollow, and the Hollow's Prism series. Upcoming works include YA fantasy novel, The Jade Castle and YA science fiction novel, The Makers.

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