Bring back the African glory

A POEM for all time and ages! with a simple question to all African leaders; what happened to the foundations laid by the great KINGS👑 of Africa's golden era? The time has come for you to chart a new narrative and redefine your image and value as a government, by doing away with those things that portray negativity and shed African politics in bad light.✌ More

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About Anuforo Johnson IX


ANUFORO ADEKOPOOLA JOHNSON💲 was born on the 10th of October 1987, a halo bearer, nimbus, aura, mandorla, aureola, corona or sungisel☀. The ✌ICON, ROLE MODEL and LEGENDARY writer was born with a destiny of bringing peace and harmony into this world and to help people across the globe, align with their soul purpose.
ANUFORO👑 (ECO), is the pioneer of a 🆕Africa# reboot, taking the world by storm, through his ground breaking technique and revolutionary approach to writing and public speaking, breaking boundaries and bringing down the ceilings, without any fear of the unknown
He is a strong advocate of spiritual awakening👆 #KUNDALINI, advising youths all over the world, especially in Africa, to understand the universe and align or attune themselves with its quantum energies, so as to be able to attain their destiny and fully activate/ actualize their life purpose.
His policy in life is simplicity in cognitive pro-activeness. In other words, do not be too straight, too holy or too honest in life because straight trees are usually the first to be cut down. This is the simple reason why bad things happen to good people. PEACE✌!!!!!!!

GEORGE: +2348033370577
JOY : +2348186716107

MISSION🌍: We are firmly determined to advance fearlessly, with love, on the path of TRUE DEMOCRACY💙!!!!!!!, CIVILIZATION🏪💡!!!!!!! and PROGRESS🏧!!!!!!!, for the global competitiveness 🚁and expedite creative ingenuity metamorphosis⚡ of the youths of Africa. We will not rest until the old ways that have made our people strangers, in their own land, at the detriment of callous political representation and constitutionally conservative ruling elite, is completely phased out and political decorum, as well as probity, institutionalized for the fair and equitable distribution of the common wealth of nation, to the greater good and benefit of the common man, walking on the street. To evolve in such an upward onward trajectory projection💹 for sustainability, we will no longer desire leaders who are in love with money, but those whom are in love with justice. In similar manner, we will no longer need leaders who are in love with publicity, but rather those whom are in love with humanity, for a renewed hope, optimism and patriotism, aimed at revamping our societal ethics and re-strengthening the bonds of our territorial sovereignty, which is consequently been threatened with impunity, for the selfish gratification of a biased few, who enjoy the statutory immunity, absorbed from the legitimacy of the polity. TOGETHER🍻 WE CAN GET RID OF STAGNATION AND MAKE AFRICA PROSPEROUS🍍 ONCE AGAIN.

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