The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle

You are about to join eighteen-year-old Troy in adventures that move beyond boundaries. Step past the line not drawn in the sand. See mythology cross over into history, mystery into truth. Find Troy's secret for how to live on planet Earth.

The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle is the first stand-alone novel of what has become the unintended Trilogy of Light. More

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About R W Jaeger

Ronald W Jaeger is the man of mystery. Nobody knows why he wears a black gambler's hat. Nobody knows, until now, that his award-winning poems and short stories and three novels all came unbidden. How his writings lead out of the matrix, which dictates what we should think and do, is more of the mystery.

Here are the titles of the three novels that belong in your personal library: The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle: The Adventures of Troy as Told by Him [women luv this book] / Sharing a Man [no, it is not a dirty book!] / Next Stop, Heaven [Lena and David search for each other but don't know it]. The light in these books is not religious. Nor is the light an intellectual construct. If religion or the intellect didn't produce these books, what did? You are invited to solve this mystery.

These stand-alone novels became the unintended Trilogy of Light. What makes the three books a trilogy is a theme they share: we all have genius, inner light, but we seldom bring it out in creative acts because we have been bludgeoned into conformity. The books themselves are the very expression of nonconformity, which is crucial to breaking out of the matrix.

You will be well on your way to solving the mysteries of these novels if you start your read with a question: What do I need to know? After you have forgotten this question, a new and perhaps bold idea may come to you. Here's where you stop reading and jot down the idea. Then it is up to you to give the idea life. If you do this, then you will know how these novels came to be.

In your reading of The Secret of the Bermuda Triangle, you may find where Troy hid the secret for how to live on planet Earth. In reading Sharing a Man, you will witness how a man, lost to two women, is resurrected. As for Next Stop, Heaven, here you will take separate journeys with Lena and David, who release their own genius, inner light, into a world that forbids it.

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About the Series: The Trilogy of Light
We live on a forbidden planet. We are forbidden to bring out our inner light. In every era men and women rebel against the invisible power that blocks their light. Time and time again the rebellion fails. The good die young has become the mantra of the oppressed. In the United States where I reside, depression has become the ruling mental illness. It seems we have lost the fight. It seems we have exhausted all our resources for defeating an enemy we can’t even see. Is there no future in light? Must we always live in a world of darkness?

The three stories you are about to read answer these questions and more. Here you will find new contemplations of darkness and light. These contemplations are not mine. They are yours. The Trilogy of Light is your own journey in light.

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