Teaching Scaffolding To Early Childhood Educators: Action Research in Supportive Learning Practices

One of the most important endeavors that either a caregiver or a professional can embark on is the dispensing of knowledge and basic skills to a student, especially during the student's formative, early years of life. More

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About Monica Hansford

The author and researcher graduated from Yorkville University's Master of Education in Educational Leadership in 2018. She is an expert in many areas of human development and critical thinking skills training. In addition, she has been an experienced staffer for many international schools and professional learning organizations. Monica herself owns three private schools and an active international consulting practise. Those businesses currently service the needs of children 2-18 years old, their families as well as train elementary school and early childhood teachers. Ms. Hansford also hires, trains and leads a team of educators from a wide network of learning professionals who support students and families from all walks of life in experiential learning endeavours. All of her efforts focus on assisting people to navigate change, empower resilience and adeptly engage with the individual complexities of learning.

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