Cooking Healthy with Herbs | Aroma is the Key to Memory -- Unlock Yours

Herbs are great for your overall healthy. They give your body a break from the processed foods that sneak into out diets. This book comes with thirteen easy-to-follow recipes that make great taste and nutrition go hand in hand. From soups to pasta dishes you will be able to put your fresh herb garden (or the fresh herbs you buy at the local market) to use to make delicious dishes. Be your own mast More
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About James DiPlata

Ralph, born in New York City in 1975, is a novelist and poet. He was a journalist for a number of years before becoming a florist and then a University Instructor. Now he runs a pub in Seoul, South Korea.

He has published hundreds of poems and short stories online and in print in various mediums such as newspapers, magazines, and journals in a number of countries from Mexico to Long Island to Singapore. He was previously dubbed an experimental novelist (a tag which is not a perfect fit) and "a trip-hoppy visionary of language" (Lo Galluccio, writer).

He speaks English, Spanish, and some Korean. He lives in Seoul with his son and his mother.

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