Four Corners Make A Block

Louise was seven years old when she walked around her entire neighborhood block to gather customers for her sister Joyce's lemonade stand. Was she successful? What an adventure.

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About Janice Krecz Colon

Janice Krecz Colón
About the Author

As a child, I spent a majority of my summers at the Hoboken Public Library (NJ). It was the only place where I could let my imagination go wherever a story would take me. In high school I started writing poems. A year after graduation I got married, and shortly after my first son was born I wrote my first children’s story. By the time my second son was born I decided to take a course on writing for children to polish up on my writing skills and my second children’s story was completed. By then I also had a collection of poems I had written. Then life became very busy and my children’s stories were put to rest inside a folder. However, I continued my love of writing in way of editorials in the local newspapers.
Today, my sons are grown; I now have two grandchildren and life’s experiences have taken me on a new path to reach my dream goal of dusting off and publishing my original long ago written children stories. I have other writings in the making on various other topics as well. Thank you for taking an interest in my children's story. I do hope my imagination takes you and your child/children to another place in time. If you enjoyed this story, kindly feel free to write a review. It would be appreciated.

Grandma's Carrot Pie Copyright ©1978-2019 By Janice Krecz Colón
Four Corners Make A Block Copyright ©1978-2019 By Janice Krecz Colón
Eyes Behind The Lace Curtain Copyright ©2019 By Janice Krecz Colón
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Grandma's Carrot Pie; Four Corners Make A Block; Eyes Behind The Lace Curtain are works of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are strictly the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously; and resemblance to actual persons living or deceased is strictly coincidental. Thank you for respecting U.S. and International copyright laws and this author's work.

Special Thanks to my family and friends who had faith in me that I would reach my goal as an author. To my Biggest Fan, My Beloved Mother, the Ladybug is for you. I know you are reading my stories in Heaven.

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