The God Factory

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"The God Factory" by Mike Hockney is the first of three books setting out the basis of Illumination, the religion of the Ancient Order of the Illuminati. The other two forthcoming titles are - "The God Game: How to Create the Universe" and "The Illuminated Soul". More
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"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Pythagorean Illuminism, the religion of the Illuminati, formally began with the ancient Greek mystic and mathematician Pythagoras and is the world's only "Logos" religion, i.e. a rational religion founded on reason, mathematics, science and philosophy. It has no connection with "Mythos" religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam which are based on faith, superstition, irrationality, stories, parables, myths, legends and "divine revelation". These religions are wholly false.

Illumination is the only true religion. It's the Grand Unified Theory of Everything, linking science, religion, psychology, philosophy and even the paranormal. It does so via the sole medium of truth and absolute knowledge: mathematics, which Pythagoras declared as the arche, the fundamental substance of existence. Ontology and epistemology are finally united in the doctrine of "living mathematics". Mathematics is not a reflection or model of reality. Mathematics IS reality.

Whereas science is based on "mathematical materialism", Illumination uses Leibnizian "mathematical idealism". These are the only two possible accounts of reality. All other systems are bogus, worthless and pernicious.

In order to follow the one, true religion, you must be smart. Quite simply, the truth is not for everyone. The truth is a function of reason and logic, not faith. All atheists, agnostics, skeptics and cynics will find a spiritual home within Illuminism. They are most welcome. "Believers" are not.

The Pythagorean Illuminati are the sworn enemies of Abrahamism. Do not read our books if you would be prepared to murder your child if "God" ordered it. Equally do not read them if you believe in shape-shifting, pan-dimensional alien lizards. Only genuine seekers of true enlightenment will profit from reading our work.


Imagine a camera that takes pictures of the human soul. Imagine it could detect how good or evil you are. Imagine it could analyze every aspect of your personality. Imagine it could tell you how many times you have been reincarnated. Imagine it could tell you how close you are to achieving gnosis and becoming GOD!

Imagine that a real secret society already possesses such a camera, which operates in accordance with the inviolable, fundamental principles of the cosmos - six-dimensional mathematical idealism (as opposed to the bogus 11-dimensional mathematical materialism of contemporary science based on "M-theory").

The Paradigm Shift is coming. Humanity is about to enter its divine phase.

Mike Hockney, Michael Faust and Adam Weishaupt.


These books are anti-Old World Order samizdat and agitprop publications. Uncensored, they are the vehicles of the purest free speech available in the world today. If they have a certain rough and ready anti-corporate quality, it's because teams of expensive, glossy capitalist "packagers" have had no involvement with the production of these books. If you want coffee table books, these are not for you. If you want the truth, WELCOME!

Join the Illuminist Revolution! Join the birth of Hyperreason. Enter Hyperreality.

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Reviews of The God Factory by Mike

victor diaz, Sr reviewed on July 26, 2012

Excellent book if you like this you will like the overwhelming book called " the iluminatis six dimensional universe".
Anywaus this book is genius but please read the website throighly for better undestanding
(reviewed 4 months after purchase)
Vesa Vanhatupa reviewed on June 21, 2012

This is a great book, just like all the other books written by Mike Hockney. When reading this, you can almost feel your intelligence getting higher after every word.

We are all potential Gods, living inside a "God Factory", and eventually this factory process will transform us all into Gods. We are the factory, and we are the end product. This is the science, religion and society of the future.

So buy this book, and spread the message. The Second Enlightenment is here.
(reviewed 23 days after purchase)
William Coon reviewed on March 17, 2012
(no rating)
Excellent work and reveals the answers I have been looking for. Awaiting the next book in this series with great anticipation.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
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