Seven Reasons to Run a Smashwords Presale

Smashwords Presales leverage patent-pending technology to thrill readers and grow your sales.  Here are seven reasons to run a Smashwords Presale for your next release:

1.  Turn fans into superfans

Your most enthusiastic readers will go wild over the opportunity to purchase and read your next release before the general public.

2.  Turbocharge newsletter signups

Encourage newsletter subscriptions by offering presales as a loyalty reward to subscribers of your private newsletter.  If the presale customer agrees to share their email address with you, Smashwords will share it with you!  You can even configure an optional discount incentive to encourage email sharing.

3.  Run a presale before enrolling in KDP Select/KU

Satisfy a broader global market before you enroll in KDP Select, and earn higher royalties in the process.

4.  Run public or private presales

It's your presale, and you're in control.  If you want to make your presale only available to those you personally invite (i.e. subscribers to your private mailing list, or members of your private Facebook group or street team), make it a private presale.  If you want your presale visible to all potential readers and to customers of the Smashwords Store, make it a public presale.

5.  Offer multiple file types

Satisfy readers across all e-reading devices.  If Smashwords converted your ebook from a Word file, you have the choice of offering your presale customers .epub, .mobi and .pdf.  Otherwise, if you already have your own custom versions of these file types, you can upload those here.

6.  Smashwords manages fulfillment & customer service

If your readers have any difficulty downloading or reading your book, our expert support team is standing by to help your readers enjoy your book asap.

7.  Monetize your platform

Point readers to an author-friendly sales platform - the Smashwords Store - commited to putting you in control.  Earn up to 80% list (or more for higher-priced ebooks), the highest among major ebook retailers.  If readers add additional books to their shopping cart, even other authors' books, your percentage increases.  Here are approximate royalty rates based on the checkout amount of the customer's shopping cart  $.99 - 57% list; $2.99 -  74% list; $3.99  - 76% list, $5.99 - 78% list; $7.99 and up - 80% or more.