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Author:  Ciara Knight

Title:      Winter in Sweetwater County (MY42P)

:  Susan Carlisle

Title:      Racing to You (Free)


Author:   Kel O'Connor

Title:       Broken Bits (CN26M)


Author:  Cynthia Sax

Titles:     1. Releasing Rage (Free) 2. Dark Thoughts (Free) 3. Warlord Sky (Free)


Author:   Jordan L. Hawk

Titles:     Widdershins (XQ88B)


Author:   Christine Michelle

Title:       1. Redemption Duology (DR87V) 2. The Infinite Something (AX43Y) 3. His Bittersweet Regret (SS27B)


Author:    Anna Campbell

Titles:     1. One Wicked Wish (FB27S) 2. The Seduction of Lord Stone (Free) 3. Her Christmas Earl: A Regency Novella (DL73B)


Author:    Sharon C. Cooper

Titles:      1. Vindicated (VJ47M) 2. Love Under Contract (AL76M)


Author:    Tory Richards

Titles:      1. Cole (Free) 2. Phantom Riders MC - Hawk (Free) 3. Ruthless (Free)


Author:    Lisa Oliver

Title:        Reconciliation: Seth’s Story (MV46A)


Author:     L.P. Dover

Titles:      1. Turn of the Moon (Free) 2. Trigger (Free) 3. Love’s Second Chance (Free)


Author:    C.J. Archer

Titles:      1. Murder at the Mayfair Hotel (JY49F) 2. The Palace of Lost Memories (XH48C) 3. The Watchmaker’s Daughter (JC92L)


Author:   Crystal Dawn

Title:       The Forgotten Ones (Free)


Author:   Leeana Morgan

Titles:     1. Christmas on Main Street (Free) 2. Falling For You (Free) 3. Coming Home (Free)


Author:   Megan Derr

Title:       Black Magic (YH48V)


Author:   Nashoda Rose

Title:       Five Second Rainbird (MP83J)


Author:  Julie Johnson

Title:      Not You It’s Me (AT53Z)


Author:  Elizabeth Kelly

Titles:    1. Willow and the Wolf (Free) 2.Reign (MC95C) 3. Sweet Harmony (KQ82W)


Author:  Ramona Gray

Titles:    1. The Mechanic (Free) 2. Undeniably His (KR37P) 3. Dead of Night (GV67U)


Author:  Evelyn Bloom

Title:      Tempt   (XD55H)


Author:  Karen Grey

Title:      I’ll Stand By You (Free)


Author:  Susan Slater

Title:      The Caddis Man (GU25V)


Author:  CJ Love

Title:      Juliet & Dead Romeo  (LE87B)


Author:   Connie Shelton

Titles:     1.  Sweet Masterpiece (BT49U) 2. Diamonds Aren’t Forever (QV99S)


Author:   Jennifer J Morgan

Title:      Shadows in the Forest (FG29Q)


Author:   Ruth Ann Nordin

Titles:     1.  A Perilous Marriage (AU43Q) 2. Perfectly Matched (SZ97U) 3. One Enchanted Evening (NW72Y)


Author:  Mary Seifert

Title:      Maverick, Movies, & Murder (GQ57D)


Author:  Gemma Halliday

Titles:     1. Spying in High Heels (GC48H) 2. Unbreakable Bond (MZ26R) 3. A Sip Before Dying (DL75)


Author:  Stephanie Fournet

Titles:     1. Kind of Cursed (DN44Z) 2. Two-Step (XV47J)


Author:  C Stripes

Title:      The Right Shoe (DC33J)


Author:  Carol Shaughnessy

Title:      Matchmaker (PN74X)


Author:  Jamie McGuire

Titles:     1. Providence (GX65Q) 2. Almost Beautiful (NK95U)