Read an Ebook Week 2020

Read an Ebook Week 2020 banner for Facebook

Welcome to the official Read an Ebook Week page, where you'll find links, banners and buttons to help you get the most out of this exciting global celebration of ebooks.

To learn the story behind Read an Ebook Week, read Mark Coker's interview with Rita Toews, Read an Ebook Week's creator.  Or visit the official Facebook Page for Read an Ebook Week.


Readers: Where to Find Books

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week Catalog - This is the hub of the action, where you find nearly 80,000 multi-format books regularly priced at free every day, and thousands more that are free or deep-discounted exclusively at Smashwords during Read an Ebook Week only.  Browse the catalog by discount categories of FREE, 75%-off, 50%-off and 25% off.  You have two options for book discovery:  1.  Our new book discovery interface.   2.  Our "Classic" discovery interface.


Authors and Publishers: How to Promote Your Participation

Follow these steps:

1.   Enroll your books at our official RAEW Enrollment page - Select a discount level for the book ranging from 25% off to 100% off (FREE).  Your after-discount price must be $.99 or greater, otherwise the book will default to FREE.  ***Use our bulk enrollment option on that page to enroll your entire catalog with just a couple clicks!***

2.  The official hashtags for the promotion are #Smashwords and #ebookweek20

3.  Promote your participation in the sale with direct links to your Smashwords author or publisher page (click profile and then copy the web address from your browser).  Promote the links, images and your participation across all your favorite channels:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Your private, opt-in mailing list

- Your blog

- Your author/publisher website

- Twitter

- LinkedIn

- Favorite message boards

- Anywhere else you connect with readers

4.  Invite your author friends to join you in the promotion.  Each year, Read an Ebook Week gets bigger and bigger thanks to the active involvement of authors and publishers like you.  Each participating author brings more readers to the sale page, and these readers then go on to discover the books of other great Smashwords authors.  This is collaborative marketing at its finest.

5.  Looking for more marketing ideas?  How about these?

  • Download the new 2020 edition of Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, where you'll find 65 book marketing ideas, all free to implement.  The new Smashwords Book Marketing Guide is also serialized in audio on the Smart Author homepage if you'd rather listen than read.


Banners, Buttons and Badges

Readers and authors, celebrate your love of Read an Ebook Week by sharing these images on your website, blog or across Facebook and other social media! 

Simply right mouse click on the image to save the full-size image to your computer, then attach it as an image anywhere you promote hyperlinks to your books or to the Read an Ebook Week sale page.  You can link the image to any page you like, such as the this official Smashwords Read an Ebook Week hub page (, the Read an Ebook sale page (, the official Read an Ebook Week Facebook Page ( or if you're an author, your author profile page at Smashwords (click "Profile" to find the link to your author page).  Thank you to Rita Toews for creating these images.

Banner sized perfectly for Facebook (851 pixels wide by 315 tall)

Read an Ebook Week - Banner sized for Facebook


Buttons and Badges:  Share them everywhere!

1.  Read an Ebook Week 2020 - balloons

2.  Read an Ebook Week - simple event design

3.   Read an Ebook Week - Step out of the ordinary - high heels

4.  Read an Ebook Week 2020 - woman sitting enjoying ebook on laptop

5.   Read an Ebook Week - E-reader on beach




Authors and Publishers:  Not Yet on Smashwords?

At Smashwords, our job is to provide you the tools, distribution and knowledge you need to to publish like a pro.  We'll help make your ebook discoverable to millions of readers around the world.

It's fast, free and easy to publish and distribute with Smashwords.  We've created a wide range of written, video and audio resources to help you get started.  No technical experience necessary!    Come learn why more indie authors publish and distribute with Smashwords than anyone else.  Here's how to get started:

1.  Sign up for a free account. Click "Join" from any page.  The confirmation email you receive will provide you next steps.  Smashwords is a self-serve publishing platform.  Don't let anyone tell you e-publishing needs to be difficult or expensive.  We'll show you how to do it for free, and do it yourself.  Simply follow our instructions in the Smashwords Style Guide.  There's never anything to buy.  No publishing packages to buy (we don't sell them).  No salespeople will hound you on the phone (We don't employ sales people, and we'll never call you because we don't collect your phone number).   Just simple, no-nonsense publishing and distribution tools that will help you spend more time writing and less time on everything else.

2.  Check out our introductory How to Publish and Distribute with Smashwords page.  On this page, you'll find convenient links to all our training and educational resources, including the Smashwords Style Guide (how to format and publish your book), the Smashwords FAQ (frequently asked questions - a great repository of knowledge including a helpful glossary of e-publishing terms!), and much more.

3.  If you're completely new to e-publishing (don't be intimidated, we'll hold your hand!), check out Mark Coker's Smart Author Podcast.  The podcast guides writers step by step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics.  Learn the secrets of the bestselling indie authors.   Visit our Smart Author Podcast page to listen right now, access full edited transcrips and supplemental show notes, or to view a complete list of popular podcast portals that carry the podcast.  Here's the trailer!