EBook Delivery at Smashwords

Faster Ebook Delivery to Tablets and Mobile Phones via Dropbox and Email


The new Smashwords eDelivery feature makes it easier to load your ebooks and ebook samples onto some of your favorite e-reading devices by linking your Smashwords Library to your Dropbox account.  No more pesky cables!

Many e-reading devices support the Dropbox app, which means you can use Dropbox as a virtual hard drive for some of your favorite e-reading devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android tablets, Google Nexus tablets, Nook tablets (Nook HD/HD+, Nook Color, Nook Tablet), Kindle tablets (Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD), and any other device that supports the Dropbox app.

For e-reading devices that don't support the Dropbox, or users who prefer to receive their books by email, we can now also send books to your account email address.

How To Use Dropbox to Transfer Smashwords eBooks to E-Reading Devices

  1. To get started, first link your Smashwords account to your Dropbox account using the eDelivery Manager feature.  If you don't have a Dropbox account, it's free to sign up for one during the linking process.

  2. If you haven't already done so, download the Dropbox app to your e-reading device.  If your'e using an Apple device, you'll find the Dropbox app in the Apple App Store.  If you're using a Kindle tablet, you can download the Dropbox app from Amazon's App for Android (aka Amazon App store for Android) store on your device.  If you're using a Nook tablet, Barnes & Noble has their NOOK Apps store.  Other Android devices can usually download the Dropbox app from the Google Play store.

  3. If you're using an e-reading device other than a Kindle or Nook tablet, be sure to download your favorite e-reading app to your device.  For example, on Android devices, Aldiko is a great free option.  If you're using an Apple device, you can use either the iBooks app or Bluefire, both of which are free.

  4. After you link your Dropbox account to your Smashwords Library via the eDelivery Manager feature,  Smashwords will automatically deliver up to three ebook formats for each book (epub, .mobi and PDF), based on which file formats the Smashwords author or publisher made available. 

  5. To access your book within Dropbox, first locate and open the Apps folder within Dropbox, and then tap to the Smashwords folder and then tap the appropriate format for your device.  ePub is the best choice for most devices other than Kindle, which uses mobi.  If you read on a Kindle and the author did not make the .mobi Kindle format available at Smashwords, contact them on their blog or Facebook page and make a polite request that they enable it at Smashwords.  If you're a Smashwords author, and .mobi isn't enabled for your books, click to Dashboard: Settings and click the .mobi option, then click save.  This will automatically generate the .mobi format for your readers.

  6. To transfer previously purchased books to Dropbox, click to your Smashwords Library, then click the button beside each title for "Send to Dropbox."

  7. At any time, you may change the formats sent to Dropbox by visiting the eDelivery Manager and clicking "Change Formats".  Most tablet devices will only need the ePub format.

 How To Use Email to Transfer Smashwords eBooks to E-Reading Devices

  1. If you joined Smashwords after February 10, 2014, you're already be signed up.  Visit your eDelivery Manager, and if the "Deliver to my email address" option is checked, you are set up.  Smashwords members who joined before February 10 can visit the  eDelivery Manager to enroll in email delivery.

  2. To change the ebook formats sent to your email address, you can click the "Change Format" button.  Most tablets will accept the ePub format, so that is the option selected by default.  If the book is not available in the requested format, you will not receive an email.  One email will be sent per format requested.

  3. To change the email address to which we send your book, click the "Change Address" button.  Please note that by changing that address, it doesn't change your master email address for your Smashwords account (to change your account's email address, contact our support team at the "support" link below).

  4. When you purchase books, books will automatically be emailed to your address from edelivery@smashwords.com.  If you have set up email on your tablet, depending on the mail application, you can save the ePub to your tablet or open it in the e-reading application of your choice.  With the Mail app on iOS (for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads), you can simply tap the epub and it will ask which e-reading application you would like to open the book in.  iBooks is a great e-reading app.  On Android (the Nook, Kobo Arc, and Nexus), you may need to save the book to the tablet first, and then use your favorite reading app, such as Aldiko, to open the book from your downloads folder.


How do I get a Dropbox account?

Creating a Dropbox account is easy. Simply follow this link, install the Dropbox client on your devices, and return to Smashwords to configure edelivery.

My book did not show up at my device.  What happened?

Check your Delivery Log which you'll find on your eDelivery Manager screen to learn if we know what the problem is.  You can visit the delivery log by clicking the Manage eDelivery button below, and then clicking the Delivery Log button.  We will report any errors there, such as if your Dropbox account is no longer valid, or if Dropbox reports that you're over your storage quota at Dropbox.  

I'm using the eDelivery feature, but I don't want to automatically transfer all new purchases to Dropbox or Email.  I'd rather manage the deliveries from my Library.  What do I do?

Go to your eDelivery Manager screen and uncheck "Deliver to by Default" for the destination to stop automatic delivery of purchased books. You can manually send any purchased file to Dropbox or email by clicking the "Send to Destination" button in your Smashwords Library, if neither destination is a default.

I emailed my book, but my book will not open on my reader.  What do I do?

Make sure you have selected a format for your device that your device is able to read.  For most devices, ePub will open if you have a reader app such as Bluefire Reader, iBooks, or Aldiko installed.  For Kindles, you should send the mobi format.

I linked my account with Dropbox, so where are my books?

Your books are stored inside Dropbox's Apps/Smashwords folder.

Happy reading!