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Three Plays

Published by Mike Suttons at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Mike Sutton

ISBN 978-1-4659-8486-9

Tripping on Nothing

Character 1 (male)

Character 2 (female)


2 Uniformed Guards

Character 1 standing downstage-center, performing the audience through a monologue. Over acting the part he’s doing with all his heart. Dressed in casual clothes that one might wear around the house Saturday morning. Various pieces of living room furniture sit about the stage.

Character 1- And what doth the ravens say to my ear whilst I sleep.

And the cows do moo and the Asses bray.

Yet as I dance in the rain and do weep,

Yonder figure turns to walk away.

(speaks directly to the audience)What say you my good dear man? Dost the line and verse drive one to the ends of emotional rationality? Yes as I did think, and so I thought. For like a duck walking backwards into a frozen stump, so does the muse speak her inspiration to the heart of the play-write… and as the muse speaks it, so do I perform it. I hope you all do so love the theatre and the way of verse that you be willing to help with financial donations. (motions to a hat on the floor and smiles broadly)

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