Raising a Child

From Birth to the Age of Four

Your New Life

How is life with your baby? Here are a few words parents have used to describe their first weeks: 'magical', 'terrifying', 'numb', 'warm', 'scary', 'exhausting', 'sublime'. It can be all these things, and usually is, in varying degrees and at various times.

It's heady stuff, so it helps to get straight down to essentials. At the moment and for a very long time to come, you are the most important person in your baby's life.

You have all been on an incredible journey, you to parenthood and your child from the womb to the world. You each need time to recover and to nurture and delight in your developing relationship.

So many factors influence this bonding process, from the birth itself to a new baby's temperament and the support we receive, that there can be no 'average' experience. Yet most parents and infants appreciate skin-to-skin contact so they can touch, smell, hear and respond to each other more easily and get to know each other better. Setting aside time simply to indulge in a little mutual adoration is also essential.

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