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The lawyer's mouth tightened. "I am."

"There have to be a thousand reasons why I can't hear this."

Tillotsen nodded once. "I await Your Honor's decision and explanation."

MacMillan snorted. "Don't get shirty with me, Jared. I've known you since..." The judge trailed off. Mentioning that was in bad taste, and always would be. "First, the class needs at least one stakeholder who's willing to appear in open court."

Tillotsen's lips quirked at the pun. "I have one."

"You're kidding!"

Tillotsen said nothing. His eyes rested lightly on the judge's countenance.

"With all the restrictions we'd have to put on him, with all the hazards he'd have to face to come before us, he'd still be willing to do it?"

Another nod. "It's a she, actually."

MacMillan waved the irrelevancy aside. "Second, no precedent has been established under which one of them may prosecute a legal action against one of us, much less all of them against all of us."

"I'm aware of that, Your Honor."

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