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Darkly Demonic Dexter

By Mortimer Jackson

Copyright 2011

The Morning Dread

Smashwords Edition

I love Halloween. I love everything about it. The nightlife, the sin, the celebration of all things dark, wicked, and vile. I love the costumes. I love walking down Miami at midnight, and seeing the cavalcade of freaks at the turn of every block, marching along with their fangs, their horns, their monster masks, and their devil’s tails. They make me feel at home with the world. They make me feel like I’m not such an outsider after all.

And maybe in the end I’m not. Lord knows I’ve met my share of travelers with secrets as depraved as mine. Maybe there’s more of us out there than we like to think. Though it’s a shame we all have to hide behind our masks of sanity. Some of us do it so well it’s hard for one passenger to see another.

Fortunately, tonight I know just where to look.

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