To my family, who always thought I was a little crazy

To my husband , who knows that I am

And to everyone who loves my because of it.


Growing Up Cursed

S he opened her eyes, woken from her sleep, expecting darkness, she sat up quickly when the sun greeted her. Not the weak morning sun like that which shines though your curtains, bright, outdoor, sunlight. This was not right.

She looked around, searching, to find something familiar in the surrounding- a meadow filled with lilacs and daisies, large blue and black patterned butterflies flitting back and forth barely touching the fragrant petals, oak trees with gnarled roots that gave their age away, but the only thing familiar was her night gown, the one she put on just before she had climbed into her warm bed with yellow walls surrounding her and an alarm clock ready to go off for school in the morning.

Hello Clara.”

The petite girl jumped up and spun around in shock.

Do not be afraid, I brought you here to give you a warning.” The woman was sitting in one of the oak trees, it had grown into the shape of a throne with ivy covering it making it look very royal indeed.

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