A Man In Uniform

At twenty eight years old, there were days when if you asked Ben whether or not he wanted to stay in the Army he would say no but today was not one of those days. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something making him feel somehow more alive today. Maybe “alive” isn’t the best word he thought; maybe it should be “frisky”.

The day had started fine, physical training at 0600 (or 6 AM for everyone not in the Army) followed by easy classes all day at the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, Virginia. Physical Training usually didn’t make him feel like he wanted to do anything other than go back to bed at 0600, but today was somehow different. He had reveled in the physical activity. Maybe that was a sign that he had been away from his girlfriend for too long he mused as he pulled his rental car into a front row spot at the Holiday Inn the Army was nice enough to put him up in for the entire four month course.

Ben still couldn’t believe that he lucked out with that, but the new barracks facilities were under construction and until they were done almost every student coming to the school house was being put up in a local hotel. Some of the apartment places nearby had even started offering month to month leases just to the soldiers arriving here believe it or not.

Ben though of his girlfriend back home and sighed. She was constantly on his mind and they talked every night on the phone, video chatted on their lap tops and texted all day. It just wasn’t the same though. Before he had left on this four month trip Jackie had made him promise that he would be good. That meant that she didn’t want him fooling around; something that he had been known to do from time to time.

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