The Hook

(a Wandering KoalaTM tale)

by Jeff Thomason

Smashwords Edition

All names, characters, and places are fictional. Any resemblance to real people—either living or dead—or places is purely coincidental. Wandering Koala, Kyle, Brent, René, Professor Rufus, Edgar, and other prominent characters, names, and places are trademarks of Jeff Thomason. All rights reserved.

©Copyright 2010 Jeff Thomason

The Video Game Market began with Pong. True, it wasn’t the first game made, but it was the first to succeed commercially. A man named Allan Alcorn created it for Atari using ping-pong as his model. The game was pretty simple. Two bars, one on each side of the screen, represented paddles. Each player would move his bar up or down to deflect a small shape representing the ball, which was constantly moving in a straight line, deflecting off the paddles and walls at precise angles. The goal was to knock the ball past your opponent’s paddle, just like in ping-pong. Atari first released Pong as an arcade game in 1972, and later as a home version sold exclusively thru Sears for Christmas 1975. It was a big hit and inspired others to get into the game. (Get it? Get into the game?)

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