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Going Down On Daddy

I paused in my bedroom door. I could hear them in the kitchen, being all lovey-dovey. My mom, the cougar supreme, went to Las Vegas and returned with a new French husband. Who knew I’d ever had a new daddy, much less a young, buff hunky step-daddy with a killer French accent. Just listening to him speak made my insides melt.

I have to move out, I thought. That man is raw sex.

“Don’t worry about Raquel, darling,” Mom said. That got my attention. They were talking about me? “She’ll come around. I think we surprised her by getting married.”

“Let’s hope so, ma belle,” he said in that husky voice I loved so much. “You know it hurts me when beautiful women do not like me.”

He thinks I’m beautiful?

“You are such a sweetie,” Mom said.

The sounds of kissing, of moaning and groaning, reached me. I rolled my eyes. Those two were constantly at it. I guess if I was forty and had a twenty-eight year old love god with killer abs and an even sexier accent, I’d be all over him, too.

“Oh sweet darling, I hate to leave you,” Mom said. I closed my eyes. I had to listen to this crap every morning for the last week. Maybe if La Boy Toy had a job it wouldn’t aggravate me so much. “I have to go to work. I will miss you so much.”

“Not as much as I will miss you, ma belle,” he said.

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