Witching Again!


Stephanie J Dagg

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Copyright 2011 Stephanie J Dagg

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This is the third book in The Witch’s Dog trilogy. It follows The Witch’s Dog and De-Witched!

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Chapter 1 Broom and Big Roddy Go Home

The witch’s broom, who was called Broom, and the witch’s dog, Big Roddy, trudged sadly down the road. Once or twice Big Roddy glanced back over his shoulder, but no one was following them. Certainly not Cackling Carol, their owner. She was a witch — or rather she used to be a witch. That had all ended after she had been taken from her cavern by some well-meaning social workers and rehoused in a flat. Her neighbour, Flo, had introduced her to shopping and the cinema, and gradually Cackling Carol had been de-witched. She had forgotten all about her trusty friends, Broom and Big Roddy. So this morning, while she was out shopping as usual, they had left home.

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