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A Bewitching Seduction

~K. Lyn~

Copyright 2011-10-05: K. Lyn

Romancing Erotica Books

ISBN: 978-1-6184-5031-9

All Rights Reserved


Included in: A Bewitching Seduction

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. A Bewitching Seduction



The Halloween festival is the highlight of the year in Cicely’s hometown. Unconventional and erotic thrill rides, a spooktacular theme complete with matching costumes, as well as eating and drinking until dawn are but a few of the highlights. As the night continues, the decadence of the festivities replaces the fear in the minds of those who know no other way to celebrate the Eve of All Hallows. When the light of day replaces the darkness of the night, the small town will face what it must every year. Before the night is over, one must die.

A Bewitching Seduction:

The Halloween festival was held every year, but after a year in Paris Cicely was not at all excited to return to her hometown. She had promised her parents before she had left that she would not miss their favorite night of the year, but that was before she had experienced the excitement of Paris. She sighed as she stepped onto the train at the airport in Chicago. The familiar landscape looked the same as she watched it pass by from the window seat on her way to her parents’ home in the suburbs. She laughed out loud when she first noticed the sign that had been transformed for only one night. Tonight Cicely’s hometown was known only as Witchie Witch, no doubt her parents’ and their friends’ feeble attempt at a twist on their favorite childhood comic book, Richie Rich. She stepped off the train and decided to walk instead of calling her mother. “She is probably somewhere getting the perfect makeup and outfit for tonight anyway,” she mumbled.

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