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A Killing Seduction

~S. Pearce~

Gay Erotic Romance/Mystery

Copyright 2011-10-02: S. Pearce

ISBN: 978-1-6184-5029-6

All rights reserved


Included in: A Killing Seduction

1. Openers

2. Introduction

3. A Killing Seduction



One night a year in Hunter’s hometown a strange seduction takes place. When his longtime friend asks him to return on the one night he has vowed never to return, Hunter reluctantly agrees. The little town is dark and eerily quiet as Hunter approaches. He parks his car and forces his way through thick vines and trees to a secret cave in the city park where the two men have agreed to meet. Hunter is quickly pulled inside and into a seduction like no other. Rumors of a man dressed in an extremely unique costume looking for an unsuspecting victim is less than believable to the level headed Hunter, but when the costume is found in a place very familiar to him, he fears that this year he may be one of the hunted.

A Killing Seduction:

Hunter pumped the brakes of his old car as he neared the edge of the town. He had not been back in years, but he remembered the sharp turn at the edge of the town that if missed would send the unsuspecting victim to a sure death by drowning in the city lake. The fog was thick and the flashing sign warning of the sharp curve ahead was barely visible. “Damn, a guardrail would be nice.” The curve seemed narrower than the rest of the road and Hunter had often wondered if the road had been designed that way on purpose. Perhaps that was one of the dirty little secrets of this town and how in recent years a body was claimed every year on Halloween night. Hunter stepped on the accelerator to coax his old junker up the steep hill that immediately followed the sharp curve. One glance in the rearview mirror and Hunter drove even faster. The fog seemed to linger above the curve in the road and Hunter swore he had seen a headless man emerging from the thick gloom.

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