The town was quiet save for the odd streetlamps that glowed orange for just one night. On this night every year, the original streetlamps were replaced with lamps in the shape of angry looking black squirrels that lit up orange throughout the night. Odd though it seemed, the black squirrel was cherished, some say worshipped, in this little town in the middle of nowhere. Hunter’s old friend, who he had not seen in five years, was meeting him tonight in the park. He had said that he had something to confess to Hunter, and Hunter could only hope that it was what he had guessed about his friend a long time ago. His best friend, Trey, would never admit it, but Hunter knew that he was gay. “This is the night for you and me, Trey, so be ready.”

The city park was one of the lowest points in the city, geographically speaking, and the dense fog hung over it nearly as heavy as it hung over the curve in the road. It was an unusually warm night and the air was thick as Hunter stepped out of his car. He stretched and yawned. It had been a long and tiring drive and he hoped that it had all been worth it. He looked around, but it seemed that nothing was happening in the park tonight. “Wonder where the action is this year.”

There was always a Halloween celebration in Hunter’s hometown, although he had never attended. His parents sent him the full account of the festivities that were proudly displayed in a book every year. It was an awful display really. Photographs were taken of everything and everyone including full frontal nudity and actual sexual acts, though faces were always discreetly covered. It seemed to Hunter that for the last few years the photographs had gone from bad taste to sickly grotesque. He could not be certain from the shaded faces, but it appeared as though every year in the photographs at least one of the bodies was lifeless.

Hunter was beginning to sweat from the warmth of the night, and he jumped when a hot hand was planted firmly on his shoulder.


“Expecting someone else?”

Hunter turned to see his old friend looking better than ever. He was taller than Hunter had remembered and much better looking.

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