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The Formula

The Bio-Med Story


Dane Merrick

Published by

Brighton Publishing LLC

501 W. Ray Road

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ISBN: 978-1-936587-72-8

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Chapter One

The briefing, lasted until a little past seven in the evening, fairly late for a government staff meeting on a Friday. It was held in a poorly maintained older wing of the complex lacking the modern heating systems of the newer buildings. The antiquated boilers were barely able to warm the room making it only slightly warmer than the nearly frozen outside air. In spite of an adjustment to the thermostat by a maintenance person about an hour prior to the meeting, it remained uncomfortably cold. The purpose of the meeting was to formulate a plan to shut down the Government’s Chemical and Biological Weapons Program, and dispose of the immense arsenal of chemical agents. This would reduce the Chemical and Biological Warfare Agency to nothing more than a virtual title, with no active research or activity.

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