The Smoker’s Diet

Sin Mils

Copyright 2012 Sindy Milosevich
Smashwords Edition

Dear Smoker ‘X’

You are a beautiful person and smoking does nothing for you. It’s a good thing you’ve stumbled onto the Smoker’s Diet—it found you for a reason. Free yourself from the habit in 3 days. It’s time. You’re totally toxin.

You see, there is a natural solution for every problem. It doesn’t matter one iota whether you smoke heavy or light. After all, what keeps you clinging to a giant sack of bad air and toxic pollution is nothing more than an illusion. If you treat smoking like a disease (addiction), it will act like one. It’s time to flip-flop the switch in thinking. It’s as simple as that. The Smoker’s Diet is mind over method and 100% natural juice.

If you’ve tried to quit before, and failed, it’s because you put more effort into stopping than succeeding. If you’ve failed using methods such as the patch, let us, before we begin examine the logic behind that...How do you propose to quit by leaking the same drugs that got you hooked in the first place into your system? All that has changed is the method of delivery. If a heroin addict began snorting instead of shooting up, is he no longer a heroin addict?

Nicotine is poison. It makes the mind and body sick. And leaking it into your system is not only illogical; it’s counter-productive. If you swallowed a gallon of pesticide, you wouldn’t heal your body by ingesting more poison, would you?

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