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This story is about 22,000 words or about 80 standard book pages.

A young woman in a black costume that looked a lot like what maids wore in the bigger manors in larger cities stepped in between him and the thief.

I’m Sin…”

Hey, that’s my mark,” the big man interrupted.

The young woman glanced over her shoulder as the man reached out to grab her by the hair.

Blood splattered the roof, the air and Sinth as the woman turned in one swift movement and brought her forearm around to smash the man across the face so hard that his neck snapped with a loud pop.

She brought her fist down low and caught him in the middle, which brought him up as he breathed his last breath, and hit him several times in the stomach – breaking ribs as she did.

The woman finished off the display with one hard focused punch to the man’s chest. There was the sound of bone shattering as something solid broke the man’s breast plate.

She turned back to Sinth. It had only taken five or six counts of the breath to demolish the huge man. Sinth edged back in fear.

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