The Immortal Revolution

By: Latilya Sivar

Copyright 2011 Latilya Sivar

Smashwords Edition

The reaction to my previous work was somewhat mixed within Midgar. Some rightly made the connection between the woodcutter Drel, and Sordrel the Deceiver, from the original tale, and felt I painted him in too positive a light. I stand by my decision to tell the story of Drel, as my ancestor felt it was important enough to record in his own collections, and I believe it is necessary to truly understand what follows.

Nobody is entirely sure what happened after the end of the battle for Thorlin's Point, where Drel made the fateful decision to join with the immortals, and the necromancer that led them. What is known is that within weeks, contact with the lumber towns of Thelcrest and Ilcrest was lost, and a group who called themselves immortals was recruiting for a revolution in Thelryn and Ilar. The leader of this band called himself Sordrel.

The impact of the initial uprising was quite dramatic. The flames of revolution spread quickly, and the immortals were gaining recruits rapidly. Nobles throughout the region were scrambling to get information about this threat to their rule, and determine how to exploit it for personal gain. I get ahead of myself, however. This is where my ancestor, Varan, enters the picture.

Varan was a spy in the employ of Lord Greis of Varngrim. At the time Varngrim was a trade hub within the lands of men, and the nobility there had a vested interest in the stability of the region. News of the trouble in Ilar and Thelryn had reached Varngrim by now, and Lord Greis had called upon Varan to discuss the issue.

As Varan entered his lord's study, he was surprised to find that Lord Greis was already there. Lord Greis was an incredibly busy man, and he never sat in one place for long. He was perpetually late for appointments not as part of some power game to ensure servants knew their place, as was popular with so many other nobles, but rather because he was always on the move keeping his dominion under control.

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