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Some say that they only time they feel good about themselves is when they have sex with children. Sexual abusers take what they want from children. They abuse their power over children and enjoy doing so.

In their own words, perpetrators say why they abuse children sexually. These stories may be hard to handle, but they are the harsh realities that child survivors have experienced directly. To be emotionally available to survivors, we must learn to handle our responses to these stories. The stories also answer questions that many people have, such as Why do they do it? How can they do those things to babies? Who do you think you are?

Sexual Gratification

For abusers, child sexual abuse is an intense, highly erotic, highly gratifying sexual pleasure. David, in his early thirties, handsome, blond, and a business executive, sexually abused his toddler sons and daughters. He said about sexual contact with his two year-old daughter

I remember that high, and, boy, I wanted it. I wanted it. The high came after I ejaculated. That’s the high I was after. I didn’t get a high out of fondling her or that.

Beau, a construction company owner and in his late thirties, said about the abuse of his thirteen year-old daughter and another unrelated thirteen year-old girl

To me, it’s not the same as having an orgasm. I mean, it was thrilling, and it was exciting, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. Bliss is the word that I would identify with that. There’s a really satisfying feeling of everything is kind of relaxed. There doesn’t seem to be any pressure. It’s a real nice place to be.

Matt, in his early thirties, had sexually abused more than two hundred children, both children he knew and did not know. He said about fellatio by a child

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