She was a gorgeous beast. The way the flashlight bounced off her pale white and ebony black form, the smooth curves of a body God never intended. We had been cast into hell, and its seducers were out in force. She hadn't noticed me yet, too obsessed with a hellacious lover's quarrel with a companion demon.

They were not using words. Most mutants lost the ability. They gestured and growled. Sometimes they swiped or tried to take a bite out of one another. The other was just as large as she was, he had four legs, just like her. They seemed to be arguing over a long discarded pastry, the sort that was easy to find in any Seven Eleven, before everything fell apart.

My job wasn't to break up mutant debates. They called me Erik, last name Copple. I had achieved certification as an independent field agent, authorized for covert operations, cleared for demolitions, and with the distinction of completing the official agent training. You'd think the official agent training would be completed by everyone, but there's rarely time for any of that. You learned fast, often in the field, or you failed.

This wasn't to say I was some kind of bad ass. I knew the two creatures I was watching could cause me a lot of trouble. I had good tools. An automatic rifle I secured from those survivalist nut jobs in Fairfield. Come to think of it, I was pretty sure I was only some five blocks away from them. Might as well have been a hundred miles. They don't come out of their hospital unless they have to. Especially not just to help a non member.

"Field Agent Copple," spoke a clear voice in my head. Ah, the ever faithful comm radio. The only truly universal equipment, given to every agent. It was something even those crazed, money loving, Zephyr psychos agreed on. Radio tells home where you are, tells them if you need help. It lets you talk to them, and lets them talk to you. It even analyzed combat situations in real time. I was very proud of it. I had a reason to be, some of its code was written by the same hands that clutched firmly to the gun that day.

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