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“Listen Sin, this woman has pipes like you wouldn’t believe. You want someone fresh and alive, right? This woman has it.” Des said.

Sinclair Devlin, known as “Sin” to those closest to him, couldn’t help but want to believe his business partner and best friend Desmond Ritchie as they walked into the After Hours nightclub. He needed a woman who was fresh and alive, willing to take a risk and be his, day or night. “Des, how many women have we seen in the last three months? Not one has really impressed me. I know what I want. I have the exact image of her in my mind. The voice, and all-around woman, I’m looking for. Anything less just won’t do. And I need her now. Immediately,” Sinclair said with conviction.

Their record label, Houdini Records, needed to change things up, bring in bigger sales and try something new. It was time that he and Des got back to making money and music.

For six years he had been a solo act—songwriting and personally. Besides his partnership with Desmond, he’d kept to himself and found that writing new songs was easier said than done. He couldn’t get back in the saddle and had no inspiration to do so.

But the thought of making music with someone else…

He’d just had to get over it. In the six years since the last song he’d written, Des kept telling him that all he needed was the right woman to belt out his songs and bring their label to life again.

But Sin had reservations. It had been so long since he’d written anything remotely good, let alone have someone else sing them with him, he wasn’t sure how he’d deal with it all. But to bring their company—and his talents—back to life, he had to do this.

Even if it meant writing and singing songs with another woman. A woman who wasn’t Ciarra…

“Buddy, you know that we have to do this. Times are changing. Music lovers want to see men and women on stage crooning to one another like they are the perfect couple and showing them that happily-ever-after does happen.” Des seemed to be on-a-roll and Sinclair wasn’t about to interrupt the busy mouth running on full-throttle. “Hell, look at Nick and Jessica, they may be kaput now, but fans loved the whole lovey dovey stuff on-stage and off. And Tim and Faith—damn they’re always hot. And happily married. Go figure.”

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