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Our Sacred Garden

The Living Earth

Awakening the Visionary in All of Us

By Adele Seronde

Published by Blue Moon Publications, Inc.

Smashwords Edition

Blue Moon Publications, Inc.

P.O. Box 1776, Sedona, AZ 86339


Second Edition Copyright 2011 by Adele Seronde

Copyright 2010 by Adele Seronde

All photographs, unless otherwise noted are courtesy of and


Children’s Phonetic Poetry Books, Wenkart Publishing Co.: “Ask a Daffodil,” 1967 and “Ask a Cactus Rose,” 1971.

“Deliver Into Green,” Wampeter Press (Poetry), 1982.

Co-authored with “Wordwatchers,” Sedona, AZ: “Between Silences,” 1990; “Facets,” 1999; “Aria,” 2000.

* * *


I would like to thank the members of my family and numerous friends who have given time, advice, commentaries and exchange of ideas. They are my sons and daughters; my grandson Michael Seronde; my nephew Eric and his wife Hoa Herter; niece Caroline Herter; and friends Erma Pounds, Mimi Griffin Crowell, Thistle Brown, Page Bryant, Daniel J. Finn, Katherine D. Kane, Jack Powers, Julie Stone, Vijali Hamilton, Eugenia Everett, Millie Chapin, Aya (Jean-Marie Schiff), Lane Badger, Joanna Crell, Lily Yeh, Ani Williams, Judith Quarrington; Jerry Simmons for his excellent advice; Catherine Rourke, Eveline Horelle Dailey and Rosemary Licher; Jane Perini for designing the book and Wib Middleton for photographing my artwork.

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