Supervise the children

Know where they are, who they are with, what they are doing, and when they will be home. Research shows that parental supervision is a quality associated with children who do well at home, school, and with peers.

Supervise children’s Internet use

Keep the computer they use in an area where parents spend time. When perpetrators are strangers, many make contact with children on the internet.

Get to know adults who spend time with your children

Sometimes abusers are recreation leaders, teachers, and coaches. These are trusted people. If abuse does happen with trusted adults, you will want your children to tell you right away. Giving your children a good sex education will help them to tell you if anything sexual happens.

Teach your children about sexuality and sexual abuse

Studies show that children who have received a good sex education are most likely to tell their parents right away when someone tries to molest them. Studies also show that children who receive good sex educations delay age of first intercourse an average of three years.

Keep channels of communication open

Be there for them. Listen. Show interest in what interests them. If you are busy, explain that you are and set a time later to be together to talk and share an activity. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and spend a few minutes with your children.

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